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Supply list for art 2015-2016(3).pdf

Thoreau Demonstration Academy Art supply list for 2015-2016

>>>>>>>>>>>>>Materials will remain with the Student<<<<<<<<<<<<

 Supplies can be located in the craft section of Super Walmarts.

Supply pouch, fits into your binder.

Sketchbook not smaller than 9” x 12”, it can be larger but it might not fit in the locker.
           Sketchbooks will be used all semester for note taking, sketches and rubric information
                 for projects.

1 Pink Pearl eraser or 1 White Magic Rub eraser; either is fine.
1 Ultra Fine tip Black Sharpie
1 Fine tip Black Sharpie
1 Black ink ballpoint pen
3 to 4 #2 Lead or Graphite Pencils (Save your mechanical pencils for your core
classes, they do not work well for drawing)

1 set of 24 colored pencils (Brands: Prisma or Prang are best but they do cost more
than Crayola and Rose Art. Large range in cost, can vary from $3.75 for Crayola to
$29.95 Prisma)

1 Hand held pencil sharpener for colored Pencils, (Colored pencils damage electric

1 kneaded eraser (size is not important; available at Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Some
come packaged with a sharpener, white eraser and the kneaded eraser all in one,
better value.)

Below is a combined sharpener, eraser, kneaded eraser
and blending stick, very handy.

Questions? Please email
Ms. Shinn - shinnke@tulsaschools.org 

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