Thoreau incorporates purposeful exploration and unlimited levels of inquiry directed by a team teaching approach using concepts, skills, community resources, field trips, activities and Highly Effective Teaching strategies for each grade level.

The curriculum at Thoreau Demonstration Academy places a strong emphasis on an enriched curriculum with numerous accelerated learning opportunities.  Flexible scheduling, team teaching, and an integrated approach to curriculum provide quality teaching and learning at our child-centered school.  MicroSociety, Tribes, Dual language immersion, differentiated staffing, student led conferences, "being there" experiences, innovative use of technology, research-based best practices, integrated block scheduling and Extended Day classes provide students with opportunities to explore their intrapersonal and interpersonal choices and behaviors.

The faculty and staff at Thoreau are dedicated to nurturing the physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of today’s adolescents.  In doing so, they strive to provide a climate which emphasized the importance of each individual, thereby forming a healthy ego identity.  They are persistent in their care for each student as a developing individual.